5 Things For Adults To Do In Orlando

Hello Pretties,
Another week for all kinds of awesome. As adults, sometime we forget to be awesome. Well here is one adult looking forward to having all kinds of awesome experiences this week in Orlando. When you think of Orlando, Disney is THE first thing that generally comes to mind. Yep that famous mouse, castles, rides, and fireworks. The kid in me loves some Disney, but the adult in me not so much. Orlando has a never-ending supply of good stuff to offer families, couples, and singles. But, I’ve put together 5 things you can do on your next visit to Orlando perfect for the grown folks.


1 – Enjoy your favorite libation in a unique setting ICEBAR Orlando – yep 70 tons of ice
2 – You already know if it’s a Cirque show, you’re in for a treat with lots of fantasy and whimsy, checkout La Nouba
3 – Bring home all the bacon if you win big at Victory Casino
4 – Triple threat – dining, shopping, and entertainment in one hot spot- Universal City Walk
5 – Shopping is always on the itinerary for vacation, I posted about it here – get your Coach and Kate Spade fix, along with all the top brands at Orlando International Premium Outlet

This is just a snippet of the fun things you can do in Orlando without the kiddos. Two more days and I’m outta here folks, but follow me on Instagram to see my fun in the sun later this week. Let me know what things you have found to do in Orlando!

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Vacation Thoughts – Faves On Friday


Hello Pretties,
It’s the weekend, finally because this dang week was dragging on and on. I’m getting antsy because next week is vacation, well kinda. A few days away for a much-needed mental break. The Scientists say just having something to look forward to is actually good for you. I hope you lovelies are deep in the throes of making some travel plans. It is not too early. Just the anticipation gets me super excited as I start having vacation thoughts. Here are a few of my thoughts this week:


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6 Vacation Ready Sandals Under $100

flat black-sandals
Hello pretties,
I’ve had such a crazy week, but I am still in productivity mode and getting a ton of things done around the house and getting ready for the first mini vacation of the season. Totally derailed my OOTD photo shoot for today, which is still on the to-do list. Do y’all make lists? So helpful. Lots to get ready since we are changing seasons and I have to actually pull out the Spring/Summer clothes, handbags, and shoes for vacation. For the warm weather trips, I always take a pair of flat sandals, in black, that will go with errythang. A flat sandal is much better than schlepping around in a flip-flop, provides better support and looks cute with most outfits. I’ve handpicked 6 good choices from some of our favorite brands!

All this cuteness for under $100 bucks. I set the price point at $100 because nothing will kill a vacation than a broken strap. Invest in a good vacation sandal and enjoy your R&R time. Besides you can take these on all your trips. The strappy, gladiator style sandal is very popular and versatile. You can choose a style with or without a thong between the toes. Some folks do not like the feel of the thong but I haven’t had any problems with discomfort. But if that is a problem, bypass that style and choose one of the other cuties without that feature.

Do you have a vacation shoe you pack every trip? Of course I will be taking my flip-flops too!

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Things Are Not What They Seem

Hello there,
Did everyone enjoy this holiday weekend? Things are getting so dicey in The A with the weather. I mean it’s April and yesterday was downright cool. I started that mini Spring cleaning I mentioned to you all on Friday and gifted my sister with a ton of clothes, some still with tags. She was thrilled and I have much-needed room in my closets. Then I headed to my folks for Easter dinner. I love seeing my nieces all decked out in their Easter dresses – a really fun day with the family. But speaking of family, today’s post is about a humorous situation but of course, there’s a lesson tucked in there too.

OK so I’ve had this lil blog for 3 years this September and one of the first things I purchased was a tripod for all my pictures.

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Spring Things – Faves On Friday

Hi Pretties,
It’s Good Friday and Easter Weekend. Now that we are in the month of April, it really is staring to feel like Springtime. I have been anticipating this movie for months now, my favorite movie franchise – Furious 7 opens today! So that’s where I’ll be on tomorrow. Still sad about Paul Walker but will love seeing him on the big screen, as well as the other eye candy and car candy.

My weekend is not super busy which is good because I need to start on spring cleaning for real. My closets are in dire need of purging and reorganizing to make better use of the space. And, I’m excited for my middle niece who will be reciting her Easter Speech on Sunday. She is super dramatic so this should be a blast. Y’all remember those right! So fun to see the kiddos all dolled in there Easter gear too. Believe it or not I have nothing to wear on Sunday, yikes! That’s pretty much it and I’m not complaining about it! Today I’m sharing some Spring things I’m kinda into right now. I hope those shoes don’t sellout before I can snag a pair.

Diptyque is THE candle du jour, I’m itching to buy this smell good that is a nice springy scent
This closet organizer would make my spring cleaning a breeze.
Need a new Spring dress or better yet a jumpsuit in your life? Eloquii has 40% off original ticket items & 40 select styles for $40 with code 4040
A comfy shoe to wear through spring and summer, in a nice neutral
Easter is right around the corner, make a cute gift for the kiddos with this basket

Did you have an Easter Speech? What was it…LOLOL? Enjoy your Easter!

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Fashion Faux Pas – OOTD #55

Hi Pretties,
It’s April Fool’s Day! Are you pranking someone today? Not me, well kinda pranked myself I guess. Today’s OOTD is about fashion faux pas. You know those little things that are considered a “no-no” but heck ish happens. I didn’t even realize I had a faux pas until I saw this pic and saw it, glaring at me. Do you see it pretties?


Now I’m not talking bout the china cabinet or the air vent, those are staples in my posts…LOL If you look closely you will see the dreaded bra strap peeking out from under my top. Uggg! Total fashion faux pas. Not quite a fail though because the OOTD is pretty good. This picture represents part of me growing, because the less evolved me would have deleted this picture and not even posted today. Sometimes the pictures aren’t perfect and guess what that is OKAY. I’m a real woman in real clothes and you know those bra straps have a mind of their own sometimes.

I wore this easy outfit to the Blogger Brunch on Sunday, back to my uniform. A simple black and white top (similar) with the chiffon trim in a classic color combo and boot cut jeans (similar) with black booties (similar). The accessories are a $5 long chain from Wal-Mart, a real deal and a new handbag from Henri Bendel that I’ll be reviewing on the blog, stay tuned.

I’m striving for progress not perfection! Have you pretties had any fashion faux pas?

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Blessings Are All Around

Hi Pretties,
The last two days of March, yikes. I really don’t know where the month went nor all that was said and done. But, I will remember these last few days of March because I have truly been blessed by some real talk from some good people.

I will tell y’all, I’m not a big church go-er, nothing against going, just haven’t found a church home. But I am Christian and believe the Bible is the word of God. God always speaks to me through other people. When I have some dilemma or problem that is keeping me up at night or causing me stress or when I just need clarity, a beautiful soul comes along and gives me a good word. This happened twice in the last 3 days – unbelievable. One conversation with a long time friend, who is really more like family, who shared a good word on overcoming fear. Fear can seriously hold you hostage, but he reminded me that things will never be perfect as a matter of fact, things may be down right screwed up but just go for it anyway. I keep waiting for the right time, the right amount of money, the planets to line up, just any reason to stay in that fear mindset. There is no right time, the time is NOW. And seriously in 10 minutes, we started a business venture. What what? Yep, slapped fear in the face and did the darn thing.

Then, on Sunday I attended a brunch with some awesome bloggers in The A. The brunch spot was Local Three and it was really nice, sorta rustic, the food and service were outstanding.

OK, soooo I really didn’t want to go and all morning I kept coming up with reasons not to go, but I’m so glad I did. The energy was so positive and supportive and honest. And here again, I had been thinking about blogging and was having so much doubt about moving my blog to the next level when another good word came from blogger goddess Marie Denee at The Curvy Fashionista who said follow your purpose and walk and how she had the same doubts and fears and stepped out on faith! She was “preaching” today and it was so refreshing to hear her speak authentically. And at the end of the day, that is the bottom line, be you, be faithful, believe what God says about YOU. I felt so blessed and honored to be among these blogger friends, walking in their purpose – Cheryl our hostess, at The KaShonna Files Louida at Product Review Mom, Nadeen at The Sophislife, and last but not least Shanti at Candidly Shanti! Check these ladies out, they rock!

I’ve heard people say God doesn’t speak to them; He does but you have to be open to listening and receiving. Lord I hear and I receive!

Have you been blessed or been a blessing lately? Tell me about it!

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Floral And Flirty – OOTD #54

I am out of my uniform, dabbling in some new styles for the OOTD. Springtime is all about the florals for the season. Today’s OOTD is my take on this fun trend. I always say if you want to try a new trend, do it in small doses. This skirt is just the right dose of floral, paired with a black peplum top, and heels. This entire outfit is from one of my faves – Eloquii. Eloquii’s fashions are on trend and made with the plus-size woman in mind. Bold colors, interesting hemlines and unique fabrics make this my go-to for age appropriate, yet stylish clothes. I snagged both items on clearance. They have THE BEST sales and clearance. The necklace is old and shoes are from Ross, similar here.


Since both of these items were on clearance, they are sold out on the site, but here are two options with this same lovely Japanese floral. Not a fan of the crop top, but the sheer detail on the dress is very pretty.

Are you rocking the floral trend? I would love a floral handbag!

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Closet Organization – Spring Wardrobe

Hi Pretties,
Spring has sprung but she did not come in like a lion. The weather has been kinda blah. Those blah days are good days to organize your closet space. Yes lovelies, it is time to put those sweaters, boots, gloves and coats away and fill your closet with maxi-dresses, shorts, culottes(yeah they’re back), and sandals! It will be much easier to find these spring goodies if your closet is better organized. Here’s a good infographic to get you started…. 

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