Fashion Faux Pas – OOTD #55

Hi Pretties,
It’s April Fool’s Day! Are you pranking someone today? Not me, well kinda pranked myself I guess. Today’s OOTD is about fashion faux pas. You know those little things that are considered a “no-no” but heck ish happens. I didn’t even realize I had a faux pas until I saw this pic and saw it, glaring at me. Do you see it pretties?


Now I’m not talking bout the china cabinet or the air vent, those are staples in my posts…LOL If you look closely you will see the dreaded bra strap peeking out from under my top. Uggg! Total fashion faux pas. Not quite a fail though because the OOTD is pretty good. This picture represents part of me growing, because the less evolved me would have deleted this picture and not even posted today. Sometimes the pictures aren’t perfect and guess what that is OKAY. I’m a real woman in real clothes and you know those bra straps have a mind of their own sometimes.

I wore this easy outfit to the Blogger Brunch on Sunday, back to my uniform. A simple black and white top (similar) with the chiffon trim in a classic color combo and boot cut jeans (similar) with black booties (similar). The accessories are a $5 long chain from Wal-Mart, a real deal and a new handbag from Henri Bendel that I’ll be reviewing on the blog, stay tuned.

I’m striving for progress not perfection! Have you pretties had any fashion faux pas?

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Blessings Are All Around

Hi Pretties,
The last two days of March, yikes. I really don’t know where the month went nor all that was said and done. But, I will remember these last few days of March because I have truly been blessed by some real talk from some good people.

I will tell y’all, I’m not a big church go-er, nothing against going, just haven’t found a church home. But I am Christian and believe the Bible is the word of God. God always speaks to me through other people. When I have some dilemma or problem that is keeping me up at night or causing me stress or when I just need clarity, a beautiful soul comes along and gives me a good word. This happened twice in the last 3 days – unbelievable. One conversation with a long time friend, who is really more like family, who shared a good word on overcoming fear. Fear can seriously hold you hostage, but he reminded me that things will never be perfect as a matter of fact, things may be down right screwed up but just go for it anyway. I keep waiting for the right time, the right amount of money, the planets to line up, just any reason to stay in that fear mindset. There is no right time, the time is NOW. And seriously in 10 minutes, we started a business venture. What what? Yep, slapped fear in the face and did the darn thing.

Then, on Sunday I attended a brunch with some awesome bloggers in The A. The brunch spot was Local Three and it was really nice, sorta rustic, the food and service were outstanding.

OK, soooo I really didn’t want to go and all morning I kept coming up with reasons not to go, but I’m so glad I did. The energy was so positive and supportive and honest. And here again, I had been thinking about blogging and was having so much doubt about moving my blog to the next level when another good word came from blogger goddess Marie Denee at The Curvy Fashionista who said follow your purpose and walk and how she had the same doubts and fears and stepped out on faith! She was “preaching” today and it was so refreshing to hear her speak authentically. And at the end of the day, that is the bottom line, be you, be faithful, believe what God says about YOU. I felt so blessed and honored to be among these blogger friends, walking in their purpose – Cheryl our hostess, at The KaShonna Files Louida at Product Review Mom, Nadeen at The Sophislife, and last but not least Shanti at Candidly Shanti! Check these ladies out, they rock!

I’ve heard people say God doesn’t speak to them; He does but you have to be open to listening and receiving. Lord I hear and I receive!

Have you been blessed or been a blessing lately? Tell me about it!

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Floral And Flirty – OOTD #54

I am out of my uniform, dabbling in some new styles for the OOTD. Springtime is all about the florals for the season. Today’s OOTD is my take on this fun trend. I always say if you want to try a new trend, do it in small doses. This skirt is just the right dose of floral, paired with a black peplum top, and heels. This entire outfit is from one of my faves – Eloquii. Eloquii’s fashions are on trend and made with the plus-size woman in mind. Bold colors, interesting hemlines and unique fabrics make this my go-to for age appropriate, yet stylish clothes. I snagged both items on clearance. They have THE BEST sales and clearance. The necklace is old and shoes are from Ross, similar here.


Since both of these items were on clearance, they are sold out on the site, but here are two options with this same lovely Japanese floral. Not a fan of the crop top, but the sheer detail on the dress is very pretty.

Are you rocking the floral trend? I would love a floral handbag!

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Closet Organization – Spring Wardrobe

Hi Pretties,
Spring has sprung but she did not come in like a lion. The weather has been kinda blah. Those blah days are good days to organize your closet space. Yes lovelies, it is time to put those sweaters, boots, gloves and coats away and fill your closet with maxi-dresses, shorts, culottes(yeah they’re back), and sandals! It will be much easier to find these spring goodies if your closet is better organized. Here’s a good infographic to get you started…. 

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Spring Into Spring


It’s the first day of Spring! Wow it seemed like the new season came really fast, I mean Summer is right around the corner. The Spring season gets everyone out of the house and outside enjoying much improved weather. I posted here about fun stuff to do, and I’m back this year with another list of things to do inside and outside while your days are longer and better.

1 – Spring brings porch sitting – spruce your outside space with these cute pillows
2 – You never forget how to ride a bike and you might as well ride in style
3 – Perfect way to spend a day is Macon Georgia’s historic Cherry Blossom Festival
4 – Getting outside is good for the bod but not so much for the hair. My favorite top bun for warmer weather
5 – Yessss, my favorite libation, on a patio somewhere – Mojito please
6 – Love my alma mater and its effort to help communities eat good local food – visit Emory University’s Farmers Market
7 – Nope it is not too early to find the perfect sundress, can you say brunch or spring wedding
8 – Try a new smell good, this fragrance is on my radar and it’s a roller ball
9 – My garage is a mess and in need of some good organization
10- Red is my usual pedi color but I’m trying this one

Looking forward to getting out and about with family and friends, hey Spring, loving ya’ already!

What are you doing now that the weather is not so cray-cray?

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Workcation Edition – Feb Faves – Vlog #4

Hey Pretties,
I’m excited to bring you another vlog, my favorite goodies from my workcation. I had so much fun in Denver and shopping was of course a big part of the fun. And yes I skipped January because right after the holidays, I really didn’t buy too much. But the workcation was a good chance to catch some good sales before the stores start putting out Spring merchandise. I got some good deals for you. So without further adieu, lights camera, action!

I have been sleeping on DSW since I’m not a shoe girl, but the clearance section was the pretty awesome. Not only good prices on shoes, but other accessories as well, like handbags, wallets, scarves, even umbrellas. I have them on my radar now!

New setup, you like? One thing I love about blogging is the opportunity to GROW. This vlogging journey has been a blast! There is so much to learn, which I thrive on. Always a student. If you like the vlog, go to YouTube, hit the thumbs up and do subscribe. Lots more vlogging on the horizon!

DSW was kinda a discovery for me, what stores have you sort of re-discovered?

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*This is not a sponsored post, I was just pretty happy with my DSW bargains!

St. Patrick’s Day – Don’t Get Pinched

St. Patrick's Day

Top o’ the morning pretties,
Hey it’s St. Patrick’s Day. This is not a holiday that I actually observe, but it is super huge in many parts of the country. It’s actually a religious holiday that celebrates Christianity in Ireland and Irish culture! I posted here about the biggest St. Patrick’s Day party ever held in Savannah, Georgia, with green errythang! It’s the place to be. Now if you’re not wearing something green today, you’re gonna get pinched. I do not want my pretties, getting pinched so I’ve handpicked some goodies for you.

Grab some friends, getcha some green and enjoy this day of celebration!

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Faves On Friday

This was a good week and I survived the time change, which probably explains why I got loads done on the work front. However, the home front is in need of some serious attention. I feel some Spring cleaning coming on. But some things this week have caught and kept my attention. For today’s Faves on Friday, I’ve picked some stuff I am liking right now. Oh, I was gonna add this week’s episode of Empire but I’m still in shock.

1 – Gina Torres. This beauty is rocking my tv right now with two crazy good shows Suits and Revenge. The characters she plays on both shows are smart, fit, and just downright fab! Joining the ranks of Olivia and Annalise. If you’re not watching her on one of these shows, then set a reminder to check her out
2- I’m not even a lipstick girl, but this pretty lipstick tower in pink – oh yeah. Maybe for my birthday
3 – Michael Kors really does plus size fashion well. Loving this shirt dress, super cute with some high-heeled sandals
4 – Trying to get fit and looking for a good read – this book is motivating me to stay the healthy course
5 – Window or Middle or Aisle – yeah you picked that seat for a reason, find out why before your next plane ride

What are you really liking right now?

Have a pretty weekend!

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Fancy Dress – OOTD #53


Hello Pretties,
In my Weekend recap I mentioned the cotillion I attended at beautiful Berry College, presented by Theta Omicron Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. When I heard about the cotillion, I got a lil nervous as I really don’t have any fancy dresses in my wardrobe. The last fancy dress I wore was my wedding dress, 20 years ago. This was my first cotillion so I wanted a fancy dress that wasn’t over the top but simply elegant. I was lucky enough to find one at Nordstrom and on sale! This dress is black, perfect for a fancy event, has slimming ruching, lace and sequin, off the shoulder and a sexy slit in the front. It was perfect and for $114, I couldn’t pass it up!

Rent The Runway

Now ladies, if I hadn’t found this awesome deal, I had an alternative in my back pocket – Rent the Runway. Have you heard about it? It’s a rental service where you can rent designer dresses for a very reasonable price. Take a peek of some other choices.

A few things I love about Rent the Runway, they have plus sizes- woo-hoo, you can get a backup size, and they have all kinds of accessories to really outfit you for the night. This is a great service and you can get $25 off your first order of $75+.

What do you think about dress rental?

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Desk Chairs – More Or Less

I’ve been considering doing a mini office makeover. A space where I can blog, photograph, and create. My current space really doesn’t meet my needs so the first purchase I’m pondering over is a new desk chair. I have a very good chair, but it’s not pretty, functional but not pretty. For today’s More Or Less, and I haven’t done one of these posts in a while so I was overdue, checkout two options for a white desk chair.


More OR Less (similar)

I really like the pleated details on the back of the first chair but I like the sleek arms on the second chair. Both of these desk chairs appear to be comfortable, but I would not purchase without doing a real life sit-down. My days are spent in my chair so it has to feel comfy on my bottom and go up and down with ease and whirl around with ease. I whirl a lot on those long, boring conference calls…IJS.

Between these two choices, I’d have to go with the Less version for $200. My only concern is spills on a white chair. It looks more sturdy and more comfy and worth the investment.

Which would you choose?

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