BET Awards Favorite Fashion Recap

Happy Monday and yes to a short week. It has been a minute since I stayed up late watching an awards show, BUT Janet Jackson was receiving a special award last night and I was up until the very end. Janet radiant and gracious! But of course, I tuned in for most of the fashion. The artists that attend the BET Awards are not afraid to take chances with their fashion, no run of the mill designer gowns here. Take a peek at my favorites who expressed their individual style in their own way!… 

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Summer TV – Faves On Friday

Happy Friday,
I hope your week was fab and you stayed cool! It has been a scorcher this week so I am looking forward to a cooler weekend. Dontcha’ love summer! I do because along with summer temps is summer tv! With most of our favorite tv shows e.g. Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, The Good Wife, and The Walking Dead filming for the fall it’s fun, to find new tv shows to watch and some old favorites. Today’s Faves on Friday, are my top tv picks for summer. Take a peek.


Suits – USA Network Wednesday @ 9

I loved this show from the jump! Legal shows always peek my interest and this one is so sleek and sexy. Set in New York, it centers on a law firm with a woman, Jessica Pearson(played by Gina Torres) at the helm, along with Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht). The female characters are not just assistants to the men, they call the shots and play pivotal roles in every episode. On top of that, so dang stylish, those suits Jessica rocks and the dresses that Donna Paulsen (played by Sarah Rafferty) rocks are not your standard office wear, no boring blue suits! Now the men ain’t shabby either, Harvey Specter reminds me of Cary Grant, handsome, smart and dapper, but then can recite lines from all his favorite movies. So Cool! And let’s not forget Mike Ross (played by Patrick J. Adams) who isn’t actually a lawyer but with his photographic memory, he plays one at the firm. Suits fast paced with interesting cases and unique office dynamics.

Complications – USA Network Thursday @ 9

This is kind of a medical show and kind of a crime show. The main character Dr. John Ellison (played by Jason O’Mara) saves the life of a boy involved in a drive by shooting, now the boy just happens to be the son of a drug kingpin, uh huh. The story follows how the Dr. has to keep this boy safe without being killed by gang members. Meanwhile, dealing with the death of his own daughter. I’m two episodes in and I’m hooked.

Mr. Robot – USA Network Wednesday @ 10

Now this show intrigued me because it centers around technology and how the main character Elliot Alderson (played by Rami Malek) is a hacker who hacks for good, if that makes sense. But then he’s solicited by a mysterious group to hack all the big companies that threaten our way of life – like a modern-day Robin Hood. It’s interesting. Elliot is kinda weird, but pulls you in and you know I’m rooting for the good guys to win.

Fear the Walking Dead – AMC Premiere TBD

This show has not aired yet, but I will be watching. It is the prequel for The Walking Dead, what happened before Rick and crew. This show features new characters and is set in Los Angeles, should be awesome and answer some questions like how did the virus start???

Big Brother 17 – CBS Sunday/Wednesday @ 8 and Thursday @ 9

17? Yep I have watched for 17 seasons and I can not let the summer go by without watching the shenanigans on this show. There’s always twists all season and the house-guests live in a house that is always so sick with extreme nautical decor, transparent floors, and cameras in every room, including the bathroom.

Loads of fun! You can see last summer’s picks here, Extant is back, woohoo. Now pull out your favorite summer lounge wear and grab this popcorn set for some great tv nights!

Are you watching these shows? Have a cool weekend!

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June No Buy Update – Wednesday Wish List


Hello Pretties,
Happy Wednesday to ya’! It is so dang hot in The A, I mean 90’s and beyond. Just scorching hot so if you’re in a hot climate like I am, drink lots of water and wear that sunscreen.

Today I have an update on my June No Buy and sharing my Wednesday Wish List, just because I’m not buying doesn’t mean you can’t…LOL So I’m doing OKAY with the No Buy. It is super hard for me as I do enjoy shopping and there have been some good sales going on. But it feels great to exercise restraint and window shop instead, and of course it does not hurt to stash away the dollars I’m saving this month. With vacation right around the corner, there are some things I need to buy but I’ll just wait until July 1st then it is on and popping…. 

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First Day Of Summer!


It’s Monday! Hope your Father’s Day was a celebration of the special men in your life! Yesterday was also the first day of Summer! It is time to get out and do some fun stuff. I hope to cross all these things off my list before the end of this season. Now some of these are local and easy to access but there’s a road trip in there too!

1 – I’m a real sci-fi fan, so Dragoncon is a must do. This is closer to the end of summer so I have time to plan my costume – Star Trek, SG-13, or Transformers, not sure yet
2 – In the making for years, the Atlanta Beltline is now a popular spot for Atliens for shopping, dining, and fitness with 22 miles of trails
3 – I haven’t been to the “Curb Market” for years, but I’m hearing so many good things about the new Auburn Sweet Market, especially the Sweet Auburn Bakery
4 – What better way to tour The A than the new Atlanta Streetcar and guess what, it is free for the rest of 2015
5 – Summer means vacation and vacation means summer hair. Love the braided top bun – appointment made
6 – Road trip! To the world’s largest yard sale – oh the bargains to be found, maybe even a million dollar painting
7 – Outdoor movie watching is too much fun and Atlantic Station has a great lineup including two of my faves – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Independence Day
8 – This project is probably not going to happen but this makes me want to get it done, perfect use of the space – clean the garage
9 – Another good time outside is an outdoor concert, and there is no shortage of wonderful venues in Atlanta, perhaps Chastain Park or Wolfcreek, wearing this
10 – This project I will get done, a new gallery wall for the living room

What are you doing this summer?

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Sunscreen Saves A PSA – Faves On Friday


Happy Friday Pretties,
Well, I have so much on my mind today, but I’ll save it for another post. A few things to celebrate this weekend Father’s Day and the first day of Summer. I’m happy to see the summer months but we’ll be outside a whole lot more so we need to take extra care in protecting our selves from skin cancer. Yep folks, it is serious and one way to protect your skin is using sunscreen. I handpicked a select group of products to meet almost every need for adults and the kiddos. Take a peek!

Sunscreen – the basics

Sunscreen is designed to provide a barrier between our skin and the sun’s rays. Now, there are two kinds of ultraviolet rays, UVA – which causes aging and UVB – which burns the skin. Always select a product that is broad spectrum which means it accounts for both types of rays. The second component is SPF – sun protection factor. The SPF should be 30 or higher. And the last component is application, slather on at l ounce, enough to fill a shot glass.

This best protection of course is staying in the shade and wearing clothes that cover your skin. But if you are having fun in the sun, wear some sunscreen. And yes, that includes EVERYONE!

Do you wear sunscreen? Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

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*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or expert on sunscreen and I am not dispensing medical advice. This information is from

Chiffon The Cool Fabric – OOTD #61


Hello Pretties,
How goes it just 3 days before the first day of summer? Are you ready? I am because summer brings two things – vacation and my birthday! Now summer is hot and really hot here in The A, but chiffon is a great summer fabric that will keep you cool on those sweltering days. Check out today’s OOTD in chiffon!… 

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Father’s Day Gift Guide


Happy Monday pretties,
Let me tell you about Friday…it was nuts! At work, our systems were down until 3:00pm. Nothing to do without access to email or systems. I know there is a lesson in the technical glitches on Friday and I pray for awareness cause everythang happens for a reason! Life often teaches us lessons. That’s what Dad’s do too. My Dad taught me how to drive, change oil, change a tire, and work in the yard. Always teaching us a lesson on something because he always encouraged independence in me and my sister. I am blessed to still have him 74 years old and still a firecracker! So today I’m sharing some Father’s Day goodies. Now, I know I didn’t do a guide for Mom’s but Mom’s are always showered on Mother’s Day so I wanted to give the Dad’s some extra love. Take a peek…

I picked things that are actually my Dad’s faves. He loves everything except the aviator sunglasses and the fragrance. He is isn’t big on either of those and would never wear aviators! With a really nice album collection, he loves the record player and he is not leaving the house without a hat, preferably a Kangol. Yes my Dad wears Kangols…in 2015. I have no idea how much change he has accumulated but he will pick a coin in a second, even at my house, he picks up any coins he sees on the floor, on my dresser, any loose change is fair game. Any of these would be a nice gift on Father’s Day.

What would you pick for your Dad or Granddad, Brother, or even an Uncle?

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Weddings – Faves On Friday
Hello there,
It’s Friday, yep love Friday. What are y’all doing this weekend? My plans are still a bit tentative – a bit under the weather, but I’m sure it will be fun! Last week I posted some pretty print dresses for the wedding season. Today’s Faves on Friday are all about weddings. Enjoy!

1 – A social experiment is how the show is described, but I don’t know if I could be Married At First Sight! Have you all seen this show? A team of experts pair couples who agree to get married, honeymoon, and live together for 6 weeks to decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce? It’s an interesting show
2 – You could participate in a social experiment and take your chances, but before you “I do” ask these 20 questions
3 – Even if the bride or groom don’t cook, this is the best wedding gift ever (can’t believe I want one of these – I don’t boil water)
4 – My all-time favorite love story – it goes to show, what is meant to be will be – An Affair to Remember. This movie makes me believe in love, an oldie but a goodie for sure
5 – If I ever wed again, this will be my bouquet – absolutely gorgeous and a super easy DIY

Weddings are a billion dollar industry, that’s “b” billion – with the average wedding, according to the experts, at almost $30,000. That’s a whole lot of dresses, cakes, flowers, invitations and grilled chicken. Now I’m not against big weddings at all – the bride should have her dream day, but I would say have a smart wedding. There are so many things a bride can DIY that will not only save money, but add a personal touch to the wedding festivities. Y’all know I love a good DIY and no surprise, I DIY’ed my program, floral arrangements and napkins and a few other things for my wedding. This is one of my favorite seasons, best wishes to all the lovely couples tying the knot.

Have you been to any great weddings? Do tell! Have a fab weekend pretties.

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18 Coach Handbag Favorites

Hi Pretties,
How goes it? Good? Yeah I sure hope so! So I am in this “No-Buy” for June but just because I’m not buying a new handbag doesn’t mean y’all can’t. I have posted this brand a bunch on the blog, it is one of my favorite handbag brands – Coach. I hand-picked over 10 bags that are super cute from totes to backpacks, there is a cute bag for you.

Coach has been making beautiful bags since the early 40’s and expanded to other categories, including shoes, jewelry, fragrance, gifts and apparel. That’s a long history of quality bags that are known for lasting a lifetime. Hardware on a bag really makes a big statement and Coach is known for bold hardware such as turn-locks, grommets, tassels, hang-tags and studs. Who wants a boring bag? And if you like pattern or print details, I included a few of those options as well. The price points vary, some low, some a bit higher. My favorite? I don’t have a white bag, so I would love to add one to my collection or one of the printed totes, something a bit funky.

I have some bags I’ve had for 20 years and they still look great! What’s your fave? If you have a Coach bag or bags, how long have you had them?

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